Why a Wallbed is Perfect for Cities with High Costs Per Square Footage

One of the most frequent questions we receive is, why should I invest in a wallbed? That’s a great question because a wallbed is an investment in your home. When you consider the space that you are saving by installing one, you realize that you can double the space in a room just by choosing the right bed.
The cost of housing across the country continues to rise, and the best way to look at the impact of this is to explore the average cost per square foot of a house. This exercise is even more important in cities with high housing costs per square foot.
Here are a few examples:
How much space does a queen bed (35 sq. ft.) cost in your city?
San Francisco – $1,068 x 35 = $37,380
Seattle – $521 x 35 = $18,235
San Diego – $378 x 35 = $13,230
Houston – $145 x 35 = $5,075
Phoenix — $174 x 35 = $6,090
US Average – $123 x 35 = $4,305
Most queen beds fit best in a room that is a minimum size of 10’x10’ so that you still have room to walk around it. The average wallbed folds away to 65”x 18” (approx. 5.5’ x 1.5’). That’s under 8.5 square feet!
When we approach the problem this way, we see that using the national average, it costs us $4,305 to house a permanently installed traditional queen-sized bed, but only $1,045 for a wallbed. The more expensive per square foot that your city is, the greater the value you receive from installing a wallbed.
In other words, adding a wallbed is like adding an extra bedroom to your house without the cost of a general contractor, city permits and expanding your house footprint. In terms of house renovations, a new wallbed is less than a fraction of other costs and since it is a piece of furniture, it can be moved when you move to your next house.
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