Why Invest in a Wallbed for Your Home?

One of the most common questions we get here at WallbedsUSA is, why should I invest in a wallbed? That’s an excellent question because a wallbed is absolutely an investment into your home. When you consider the space that you are saving, you can double the space in a room just by choosing the right bed.
Once you realize that your home needs a spare bed, you may have started looking at options online and are intrigued by the idea of a wallbed/Murphy bed. You may have questions about the benefits of wallbeds, how and where to use them, and how practical they really are.
Most queen beds fit best in a room that is a minimum size of 10’x10’ so that you still have room to walk around it. What if you could fold away your bed during the day and have the majority of your room available for use? The average wallbed folds away to 65”x 18” (approx. 5.5’ x 1.5’). That’s under 8.5 square feet. Imagine the uses you could put to this extra floor space! A play room, home exercise studio, craft room, or anything you and your family can dream up can be the function of the space as soon as the bed is folded away.
Wall beds don’t just save you space by keeping the mattress hidden during the day. They can also provide additional shelving, cabinets, and drawers, allowing you to organize your room or hide away guest room items when not in use, allowing for multiple purposes in your space.
So what does this all mean? A wallbed is like adding an extra bedroom to your house without the cost of a general contractor, city permits and expanding your house footprint. In terms of house renovations, a new wallbed is less than a fraction of other costs and as a piece of furniture, it can be moved when you move to your next house. Wallbeds are practical, useful, and multifunctional.
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