Benefits of Using Real Wood Instead of Particle Board for Furniture

Are you interested in learning the undeniable benefits of solid wood furniture? We love timeless wooden furniture you can hand down for many generations. Let’s take a look at some advantages and benefits of purchasing real solid wood furniture instead of particle board that won’t stand the test of time. Strength & Durability Solid wood […]

Why Choose a Wallbed?

Nothing gives you the versatility and flexibility that homeowners want (and often need) like a wall bed. Often called Murphy beds, these highly functional and well-designed beds are some of the most unique and useful space-savers and storage solutions around. Here are some interesting features you may not know about! Wall Beds Can Be for […]

What is the Best Pillow for My Sleeping Position?

When was the last time you thought about your bed pillows? If your answer is “it’s been a long time,” or “not at all,” you’re not alone. Mattresses get a lot of attention, for good reason. Your mattress is the largest, most important financial investment you’ll make in your sleep. But when it comes to […]