Murphy Bed Maintenance and Care

Murphy beds are a great way to save space in small apartments or homes. However, like any piece of furniture, they require regular maintenance to keep them in good working order. Here are some tips on how to care for your Murphy bed: Clean and oil the hardware. Murphy beds have a lot of moving […]

The Benefits of Solid Wood

The beauty, strength and character of solid wood attracts homeowners to choose wood for their new furniture and cabinetry over other available materials. However, solid wood cabinets are not perfect. They expand and contract when there are environmental changes in heat and humidity. Cabinets, doors, drawers and/or paneling made from solid wood can shrink, crack […]

The Perfect Mother-in-Law Suite

A mother-in-law suite is simply a private living area within a home or elsewhere on your property. In many cases, the term references anything from luxury sheds to bathhouses to home additions. The most common definition, however, would put this additional living space above the garage. The key factors in a mother-in-law suite are a […]

What Does Handmade Really Mean?

Usually when referring to something as handmade, people instantly think of someone making it as the only added value. We feel that handmade is superior to machine made because of the human factor. The beauty about anything handcrafted is the fact that you can’t just go out to any old store and find a copy. […]

Benefits of Using Real Wood Instead of Particle Board for Furniture

Are you interested in learning the undeniable benefits of solid wood furniture? We love timeless wooden furniture you can hand down for many generations. Let’s take a look at some advantages and benefits of purchasing real solid wood furniture instead of particle board that won’t stand the test of time. Strength & Durability Solid wood […]

Why Handmade Furniture is Better for Longevity

  For furniture quality and durability, consider who manufactured the pieces. These items are usually handcrafted with great care by an artisan passionate about woodworking, making each piece unique. Using reclaimed or natural wood products means your hand crafted piece is truly one of a kind – you will never see another one like it. […]

Things You Should Never DIY in Your Home

Plumbing DIY

Doing home improvement projects yourself, or “DIY,” is all the rage. There are websites, magazines, and even a television channel or two dedicated to DIY projects. Maybe you’re an enthusiast yourself, and why not? Doing a project yourself can give you a deep sense of pride and accomplishment, allow for the ultimate in customization, and […]

Choosing the Right Mattress for Your Sleep Style

Choosing the Right Mattress

Are you a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or a little bit of each? Everyone sleeps in their own, unique way. The problem is that most people aren’t searching for a mattress that supports their sleeping style. Each sleeping position has its own specific needs and ideal firmness level. Losing sleep over choosing a […]

Why Invest in a Wallbed for Your Home?

Why Should I Invest in a Wallbed?

One of the most common questions we get here at WallbedsUSA is, why should I invest in a wallbed? That’s an excellent question because a wallbed is absolutely an investment into your home. When you consider the space that you are saving, you can double the space in a room just by choosing the right […]

Are Murphy Beds Safe?


Space saving designs are all the rage in interior decorating today thanks to the rise of multiuse rooms, multigenerational living, telecommuting, and even the small home trend. So you may have seen living spaces that include a murphy bed, and thought, “what a great idea!” It is a great idea, but is it safe? This […]