Does a Murphy Bed Increase the Value of Your Home?

Many customers who are already excited about adding a Murphy bed to their home ask themselves whether their new investment may increase the value of their property. We have some excellent news for you. When you invest in a Wallbed or Murphy Bed, your return on a $3,000.00 investment can be almost five times your original money.

Your stationary, standard Queen bed, takes at least 35 sq. feet of space and is costing you anywhere from $200.00 per square foot (the mean price per square foot for a home in Dallas, Texas) or more, depending on where your home is located.  This calculates as a value ranging from $7,000.00 upward! And that doesn’t include the cost of heating and cooling a single purpose room for the whole year.

Looking at things this way, it’s very important that with a wallbed, you don’t need to add a room.  Do a quick calculation of what a 10×10 addition might cost in this market.  That’s right: the addition might cost you at least between $25,000.

A Queen-size wall bed/Murphy bed is roughly 67″ x 88″ when open, but when it is closed, it takes only a modest 8.5 square feet of floor space. Now the next time you walk into your guest bedroom, you may look at that bed and see it as taking up some very expensive real estate. Maybe it’s time to donate that old stationary standard bed and get a tax write-off.  Invest a few thousand dollars and gain space worth up to 5 times that.

Maybe you and your family are condo dwellers. In this case, you don’t have the choice to add a new room on your property. Maybe you love where you live and you don’t want to move, but you just need more floor space.  A small investment in a wallbed gains you both additional space and adds value per square foot. Check it out for yourself. There’s no other way we can think of that gives you the ability to pick up 35 square feet of livable space for $3,000.00.

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