Have A Question About Your New Wall Bed?

Where do you ship?

We can ship all over the United States! Even Hawaii and Alaska! Contact us for an estimate in shipping charges.


Does it come with instructions?

It will come with a set of detailed instructions and necessary hardware to properly install your new murphy bed! Of course, if you have any questions regarding installation, you can contact us for assistance!


Can I use my own mattress?

You can use any mattress that is up to 12” thick. You may need to remove excess pillows and additional covers to fully close.

What happens when I move? Can I take it with me?

Yes! By removing the wall screws, you can take your wall bed to any place you would like it installed.


How long does it take to build?

Our wall beds are generally built within a 4-8 week timeframe. We do not use pre-cut lumber and always build to order.

Do they attach to the floor?

No. They are attached from the top of the bed to the wall. Our wall bed is designed to never shift or move while attached.


How do they attach to the wall?

Your new wall bed will need to be screwed into 3 studs. This is to prevent injury and improve stability of the bed.


Is there a warranty?

Yes, our warranty covers one year for the wall bed and 10 years on the pistons!


What do you make them out of?

Plywood and hardwood – NO PARTICLE BOARD! This means your new wall bed will last for many years and resist warping and cracking. When selecting the wood for your new wall bed, you will choose between alder, ash, cherry, knotty pine, maple, red oak, white oak, pecan and walnut. We have a great blog post about the different types of wood that your Murphy bed could be made out of.


Is my new wall bed easy to operate?

Our pistons are designed to make lifting and lowering your Murphy bed a snap! People of all ages and physical abilities can operate our wall beds!


Be sure to call us at 972-775-5119 or fill out this form if you have any questions that aren’t answered here!

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