Murphy Beds in a Barndominium

As you look into building a new home in Texas, you are probably looking for a traditional type of home like the ones you see all around you. But for some people, they are more interested in a tiny home, a container home or a barndominium – a unique style of home that fits their […]

How a Murphy Bed Helps You Exercise at Home

Between gym memberships being way too overpriced, and the nerves that come with exercising around other people, finding a way to workout may be harder than working out itself. And while some people have the benefit of creating home gyms filled with equipment, not everyone has the luxury to do so due to limited household […]

Guest Room Essentials

Planning the perfect visit for your friends and family can sometimes seem overwhelming. With this list of guest room essentials, you will find out what every guest needs. Moreover, your company will enjoy their stay, and they won’t have to feel like they are asking you to bring them this and that while they are […]

Adding Sleeping Capacity to a Timeshare

Owning a vacation home is a wonderful investment opportunity, but how can you get the most value from your space? Sleep the maximum amount of guests possible in each room. No matter if you’re trying to get the entire family together in a mountain cabin or if you are redesigning a seaside rental to optimize […]

Wallbeds in Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing is a type of short-term rental designed with business travelers in mind. It fills that gap between the vacationer who might want a rental for a week or two and a long-term renter willing to sign a one-year (or longer) lease. Typically, the business traveler might have to spend several months in a […]

Space-Saving Home Office Ideas to Help Productivity

Short on space and working from home? For many who are working remotely, your home office space may be small, filled with clutter, and in need for a much overdue upgrade to help you increase productivity. We’ve put together a few simple ideas to help you make the most of your limited space and set […]

When to Buy a Murphy Bed

A Murphy Bed is a hinged bed that folds up into cabinetry when not in use. With our brand, your wall bed simply disappears against the wall into a hutch or behind doors. Designs are customizable from the bed to the frame to how it’s stored. Depending on the orientation (or how it’s hung), a […]

The Perfect Mother-in-Law Suite

A mother-in-law suite is simply a private living area within a home or elsewhere on your property. In many cases, the term references anything from luxury sheds to bathhouses to home additions. The most common definition, however, would put this additional living space above the garage. The key factors in a mother-in-law suite are a […]

Ways to Make Your Airbnb Stand Out

When Airbnb was founded back in 2008, the idea was that people could open “air mattress bed-and-breakfasts” in their homes to make a little extra money, and the site would connect them to travelers with just a few basic needs. How things can change in a decade. Today Airbnb’s offerings include mansions and castles and […]

Attic Conversion Ideas for Your Home

Adding an attic conversion to your home is the perfect way to get extra space, whether it’s for an extra bedroom, bathroom, or even some more living space. But, before you carry out any work on your attic conversion, it is important that you get the structure right before you even begin on the design. […]