Why are Wallbeds So Great?

A Wall Bed gives you an extra bedroom when you need it, with the freedom of a functional space the rest of the year. It’s like adding a room to your home at a fraction of the cost.

Why are Wallbeds So Great?

History of Murphy Beds

William Lawrence Murphy is said to have lived in a one room apartment in 1900. He wanted to entertain a lovely opera singer but since the morality of the time frowned upon a woman entering a man’s bedroom outside of marriage. So, he improvised. Thanks to Murphy’s skills and improvements on fold up beds, we now have customizable “Murphy” beds that are sleek and space saving.

Space Saving

Murphy beds, or wall beds, are ideal for small spaces. Forget old movies, these beds are becoming more and more popular as rent gets higher and real estate gets smaller. They save square footage for an extra guest room or if you find your apartment is lacking as your family grows. These beds can also double as storage, book shelves, or an entertainment center. If you live in a one room apartment or loft, you can utilize your bed as the same place you work or watch television.

Custom Built

You do not have to sacrifice design for the sake of function. A wall bed can be customized to fit your decor and aesthetic, via our Build Your Own Wall Bed tool! At Wallbeds USA, you can personalize wood finish, trim, and measurements. You can also add features like adjustable shelves, lighting, and even a night stand.

Modern Uses

Traditionally, fold up beds were a necessity not a luxury, hence, they were not comfortable. Today, however, Murphy beds are made to last and provide the same comfort as a conventional bed. You can now throw out that sofa bed that causes your guests back pain when they come and stay! Our beds are made with advanced hydraulic systems that ensure the safety, convenience, and quiet so that whoever is sleeping will be resting well.

Many people are converting their backyard in-law unit and extra bedrooms to an Airbnb rental for additional income. A Murphy bed maximizes the space of these rentals, especially smaller foot space. Adding additional space and even living area for your short-term rental guests to use is always a bonus. After a long day of exploring, guests want to have the space to relax without feeling cramped. If you are in a large city or area where space is a commodity and your studio or apartment is in a central location but on the smaller side, a Murphy bed would be a great addition!

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