Five Scenarios That You Can Solve with a Wallbed

We’ve all been there: everything in your home is working smoothly when a life change or other scenario disrupts your current living situation. Most of these are actually truly happy occasions, but the disruption can put a damper on your enjoyment. Lucky for you, there are five common living space challenge scenarios that you can easily solve with a wallbed!
Imagine that you’re excitedly viewing real estate, preparing to purchase a home for you and your family. The first few were good, maybe not great, and you continue to search. Eventually, you step foot into your new home. You just know it the moment that you walk in, and truly it is the perfect home for you — except for the small bedroom for your child. There is absolutely no reason to pass on the perfect property just because of one room with limited space! Install a wallbed in your child’s room, and you’ll instantly double your usable floor space. When the bed is down, your child can use the space to sleep or relax, and when it’s up, there is ample room for play.
The same goes for the exciting news that you have another child on the way. When you get that positive pregnancy test or call on the phone, and learn that you need to find room for a nursery, and soon, consider the possibility of a wallbed for your older child, or guest room. It makes it easy to find space for a nursery to accommodate your growing family.
Sometimes, and for a variety of reasons, you may find that your parent or parents need to move in with you, and your bedroom space may already be limited. Adding a wallbed can turn almost any room into a well-functioning guest room by night, and a living room, office, playroom, or library by day.
The same can go for your college student children coming home to stay with you for holiday breaks! It’s not always practical or desirable to leave every bedroom the same way it was when they moved out and may be impossible if you’ve made the decision to downsize your property once your children leave for school. Installing a wallbed creates an easy, attractive, instant bedroom anywhere you need one, that stores away when you don’t.
What about working from home? It sounds like an exciting prospect, but can be daunting once you realize that in order to do your best work, you really need to set up a home office. Maybe a logical choice in your home is to take over the guest room, or maybe even your own bedroom. If your guest bed or bed was a wallbed, you could hide it away during your working hours and have ample room left over for a desk.
WallbedsUSA has the solution to so many of your living space challenges. Give us a call today, and find out how we can help you make your home the most efficient for you!
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