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Quality, Custom-Built Murphy Bed Manufacturer

Our Wallbeds are built to last by our experienced craftsmen,
with hydraulic lifts for smooth and easy operation.

Reviews from our customers

5 Stars - Based On 17 Reviews

Reviews from our customers

5 Stars - Based On 17 Reviews
Get a great night's sleep
with a custom Murphy Bed
from WallBeds USA

The custom made difference

Our quality products and customer service have been keeping customers happy for over 30 years!

Great warranty

Our warranty covers one year for the wall bed and 10 years on the pistons!

Easy operation

Our pistons are designed to make lifting and lowering your Murphy bed a snap! People of all ages and physical abilities can operate our wall beds!

Hand-made quality

Plywood and hardwood – NO PARTICLE BOARD! This means your new wall bed will last for many years and resist warping and cracking.

Delivering choice, quality, and reliability for over 30 years

The mission of Wall Beds USA is simple: give our customers the best experience possible at every step, from design to installation.


Save Space

Housing prices are going up and square footage is coming down, especially in urban areas. Now, more than ever, we have the need to save space without sacrificing functionality. Wall beds (aka Murphy Beds) are a great way to create space in your home or apartment without having to remodel!

Adding a Murphy bed in your home or AirBnB rental property allows you to create an extra sleeping area that doubles as an office, playroom, or spare room! Make any small space more efficient with a custom-built wallbed from WallBedsUSA!  These space-saving wall beds combine modern technology with modern styling and are safe to use and operate.

Wall Beds

Made to order, Built to last

WallBedsUSA, a custom Murphy bed manufacturer, makes the most beautiful hardwood furniture! We are your Wallbed specialists and will take you through every step of the purchasing process to ensure you choose a bed that matches your needs. We believe that the materials that furniture is made out of must be the highest quality, so that it will stand the test of time and last for generations.

Backed by our guarantee

From timeless to trendy, the sheer variety of finishes, add-ons and accessories makes it easy to build a Murphy Bed to match any decor and fit in nearly any space.​

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Our Murphy beds and side units are built with high-quality materials and craftsmanship that will last for years.