Small Condo or Vacation House? A Murphy Bed is Perfect

When you’re designing your small condo or vacation house, space is at a premium. Now, we all know Murphy beds have a reputation for being a smart choice when space is limited. But are they comfortable? Are they hard to fold up and down? Do you have to sacrifice comfort for convenience? Is a Murphy bed right for you?

Luckily, a Murphy bed is just as comfortable as a regular bed. Many are built to accommodate a thinner mattress than a traditional box spring, so think synthetic materials like Tempurpedic, which offer great support but don’t take up as much space. You just buy the type of mattress that suits you, like any traditional bed setup.

Murphy beds are very easy to fold up and down, and the technology is constantly improving. We carry models engineered to fold up and fold down in seconds, without heavy lifting. The frames are very well balanced and spring-loaded so it is quite easy to fold up and take down.

People should consider buying Murphy beds when they need smart solutions for small spaces, like a smaller condo, studio apartment, or vacation home. The convenience and versatility of a Murphy bed gives you the ability to convert it into a guest bedroom when a friend is visiting from out of town. Sofa beds are really uncomfortable, but a Murphy bed is a great solution.

Keep in mind the amount of time you spend in your bedroom when you aren’t sleeping. Especially on vacation, it probably isn’t a lot, and all you are really missing from home is that chair you pile your clothes on, then the switch to a Murphy bed will be an easy one indeed.

When it’s time to make the switch, do your measurements first and make sure you have at least 1 foot around the perimeter of the bed (ideally more). We also recommend budgeting for a professional installation to make the process as smooth as possible.

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