Advantages of a Murphy Bed in Short Term Rentals and Vacation Houses 

Are you currently managing short term rentals through VRBO or AirBNB? Would you like to know more about getting the most value out of an extra property you have?

The expansion of the markets for lodging on vacation and travel has opened a world of revenue for the enterprising owner. With a wide range of customers, short term rentals are meeting a variety of needs. Clientele includes everything from the traveling family to businesses organizing workshops and team building exercises.

Murphy beds are natural choices in gaining the most value out of these new avenues of income. They allow you to maximize the space and get the most out of rentals of smaller square footage.

The trait that really separates Murphy beds from extra bedding options like futons and foldouts is the comfort.

Murphy beds can hold a full-sized standard mattress so your guests are sleeping on a real bed. This is a HUGE difference between sleeping on a futon. When your revenue is dependent on feedback and reviews, do you really want to risk the bad reviews from an uncomfortable night on your property?

It is much more likely that a review is made just to note how surprisingly easy to use and comfortable the Murphy bed was.

Below is one comment on a VRBO thread:

5/5 Stayed Jul 2018

It’s tough not to enjoy a trip to the beach, but being in Unit 1606 at the Celadon made it perfect! The Celadon is the last condo on the beach making it much more peaceful on the beach and around the property. Unit 1606 was a GREAT choice! The unit itself was clean and spacious. For us, having a 2nd bathroom is a must. Plus, the Murphy bed was so much more comfortable than a sleeper sofa. Dan & Ann were a pleasure to work with. We will certainly be calling on them again! Published Jul 28, 2018

From the same listing, they say it is 1 bedroom that sleeps 6. A  900 sq. ft. condo. But clearly from the review, from the customers perspective, it was a 2 bedroom.

Bedrooms: 1
Sleeps: 6

Unit also has a Custom Built Queen Murphy Bed and Twin Bunks. Sleeps 6 comfortably!

You may not have a beachfront property to turn into a rental property, but you can clearly see the difference a Murphy bed can make with even small square footage properties. Murphy beds make excellent value-added upgrades. Come see us today and go over our product lines to see which ones make sense for your property. We can even build one to your specs!

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