Murphy Beds May Surprise You


In the past few years, Murphy beds have become widely popular, with costs rising on living and housing, many homeowners are trying to maximize their space. You may be searching for a Murphy bed to add an extra room to your house, offer more bed space, or even just utilize a bedroom during the day. No matter what, here are our top reasons that a murphy bed will pleasantly surprise you:

Murphy Beds Can Follow You When You Move

It can seem like a Murphy bed is a more permanent piece of furniture than, say, a regular bed, because it is attached to the wall. Luckily, while they are sturdy, they aren’t permanent and can actually be pulled down to move and the walls can be repaired.

Murphy Beds Aren’t Restricted to Just a Bedroom

The best thing about a murphy bed is that it creates an extra sleeping spot, without taking space up during the day. That means that they can easily be ‘hidden’ in a living area and still add great uses. This ranges from adding extra bedding to the living room of your vacation home or rental, creating a bed in your home office, or adding an extra bed to the family room for an elderly relative who may have limited mobility.

You can be creative where you place your Murphy bed because you can customize your bed to suit your home.

Murphy Beds Are as Comfortable as Any Bed

Just because the bed frame folds away doesn’t mean that you are giving up sleep quality. Our Murphy beds fit most standard sized mattresses (though you do need to check the height will match so that the frame can close), or you can shop our Murphy bed mattress options as well.

The convenient part is that not only does the bed fold away, but also the sheets, blankets and pillows on it. When your guest pulls their bed down to sleep for the night, it’s all ready to go.

Your Murphy Bed Can Match Your Home

With a wide range of Murphy bed styles, finishes and hardware, you can create the perfect wallbed to match your current furniture and décor style.

We stay on top of the latest design trends while also maintaining traditional and classic style best-sellers, so choose the Murphy bed that works best for you!

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