Why Murphy Beds are Perfect for the Lake House


Summer is upon us, and in 2020, a vacation to your own private property is a wonderfully safe and relaxing option. With vacation season in full swing, now is the right time to consider adding a Murphy wallbed to your lake house.

No matter the size of your lake house, a Murphy wallbed from Wallbeds USA is a great way to bring more family members, enjoy more space, and get more from your investment.

Our extensive selection of Murphy beds allows you to pick the style and design that is right for your home or bedroom. A Library Murphy bed can add a touch of class with a library to fill the minds of travelers. Fill it with books or places to visit in your town to whisk off to peaceful slumber with a bed and library/shelving combination. Or fill it with collectibles of the unique places you’ve visited and create a whirlwind museum in your own home away from home.

Even better, consider mounting some beautiful local artwork above your Murphy bed at the lake house. What more perfect way is there to enjoy soothing views while you relax, and support the arts scene in your vacation spot? Our fully customizable wallbeds allow space for any décor you can imagine.

Our wallbeds are available in many sizes for maximum comfort, require no frustrating installation, and are custom made for your space and your unique needs.  Choose from our many designs to compliment your tastes.

Our wallbeds are extremely affordable and offer a terrific value for your family. The more comfortable you make your lake house, the more relaxation value you reap for you and your family and guests.  You can’t put a price on comfort or sleep!

Wallbeds are safe to use and can be locked in place when up. They have a spring or piston system so they open up gently to ensure there is no harm to your floors or your guests. When you have guests renting your home, feel secure in the knowledge that they will enjoy the benefits of a comfortable bed safely!


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