Can I use a Murphy Bed Every Day?

Murphy beds are a wonderful space-saving solution when you need one room to serve multiple purposes. They are often installed in spare guest bedrooms and are folded up when not in use. That can give the impression that a Murphy bed isn’t suitable for everyday use. But you can use a Murphy bed every day.

It’s more common that you might think. Daniel Lubrano, who owns a 425-square-foot studio apartment in Gramercy Park in New York City, told Apartment Therapy that sleeping on his Murphy bed each night is both comfortable and sustainable for his lifestyle.

“I like the convenience and versatility of a Murphy bed. Sofa beds are really uncomfortable, so I think a Murphy bed is a great solution,” he said, adding that the key to a comfortable night’s sleep is to “buy the type of mattress that suits you.”

Types of lifting mechanism and mattress selection are the two most important factors to consider if you plan to use your Murphy bed regularly.

There are a few types of lifting mechanisms to consider before purchasing. Traditional wall-mounted Murphy beds rely on air piston or metal spring lifting mechanisms to raise the bed platform up and down. These lifting mechanisms tend to get worn after 5-7 years, according to Go Downsize.

Modern Wallbeds’ lack of a lifting mechanism presents an advantage for daily users. Unlike older Murphy beds on the market, the newer models have no mechanical aids for lifting and lowering the platform. It’s a mechanism-free solution that can be lifted and lowered by hand. With no metal spring or pistols that wear down over time, longevity of the bed is increased.

If you decide to purchase a wallbed, it will be helpful to know that the platform is a firm, 100 percent supported surface, more like a foundation or platform than a box-spring, that might have a little bounce to it. We recommend using a light-weight mattress that is 12-inches thick or less, such as a conventional inner-spring or latex foam mattress. Memory foam mattresses are heavy and will make lifting more difficult.

The lighter your mattress, the easier the bed will be to lift. With very little wear and tear throughout the year, your mattress will sleep like new for several years. Need help choosing the right mattress for your bed? Contact us and we’ll walk you through it.

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