Why Wallbeds Are Perfect for Homes with Multiple Children

If you are a busy parent to multiple children, you understand the struggles of feeling like you’re always cleaning up or trying to find solutions to keep your house attractive and tidy, give your children space to play, and teach them how to take care of a space of their own. But did you know that a wallbed may help you achieve each of these goals? Let us explain how:

Creates Floor Space

Kids need enough space in their bedrooms to accommodate their large imaginations. If their bedrooms are small, as they typically are, this limits the amount of space available to play. Installing a Murphy bed, or wallbed, will instantly create more floor space for them to spread out toys, books, art, and more. Simply folding the bed away will reveal the perfect room for activities, play dates, and creativity. Find a cozy area rug for the space underneath the bed so when it’s stored away, they will still have a soft and comfortable place to play. They also make a great alternative to bunk beds if you have multiple kids and limited rooms.
Wallbeds can also double as storage and organizational space for multiple children. They can use it to keep their things in, and it is much more accessible than just stuffing something under a traditional bed. There are so many options and ways to incorporate the framing and side piers that give you access to whatever they need. Design options can include USB ports, power outlets, shelving, and anything from wardrobes to shoe racks.

Teaches Responsibility 

Do you cringe every time you enter your children’s bedrooms? Perhaps, your kids rarely, if ever, make their beds. A wallbed might solve this problem for you. To properly store a wallbed, it’s important to keep the surface of the bed smooth and clean. Therefore, in order for your children to enjoy the space in their rooms, they must make their beds. Installing a wallbed will teach them about responsibility and reward, as well as encourage them to keep their entire room clean throughout the day. When it’s time for bed, they’ll also have to make sure the floor is clear of any toys and games.

Adds Personality

Unlike many traditional beds, wallbeds are customizable, which allows you to design the perfect bed for your child’s needs. If multiple children share the same bedroom, you might want to opt for a bunk bed option. Alternatively, flip-up desk wallbeds will give your kids neat, convenient places to complete all of their homework assignments during the day and a cozy bed to sleep in at night.
When selecting furniture for a household with multiple children, you can’t go wrong with wallbeds. Give the friendly experts at WallbedsUSA a call today!
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