The 4 Best Rooms to Put a Murphy Bed In 

Murphy beds are all about furnishings that offer maximum functionality in minimal square footage. Even if you have an abundance of square footage, being creative with the rooms you have can multiply the space that you live in. Turning one room into several rooms by combining creative design and integrating your personal needs with the rooms you have available is at the heart of what we do.
Consider looking at a space with the idea of using it for daytime activities – and then using a Murphy bed in the same space for night time. Whether it is for a home office, kids playrooms, entertaining guests or giving the in-laws a place to sleep, a Murphy bed can easily conceal into walls or shelves. We have some ideas on how to save space as well.


Carve out and repurpose great rooms into a playroom for the kids. Or maybe you have a guest room that you still want to be able to have for use on short notice. Playrooms that are filled with toys, books, sheets, and blankets do best when the Murphy bed has storage options built into it. Many custom designs for kids have inbuilt containers and drawers that help keep things easily organized.
 Playrooms with a Murphy bed installed can be deceptively airy. You don’t have to sacrifice a room dedicated to guests because you are concerned it will be unusable when it is so easy to put everything away and out of sight. Combining a designated room as both a guest and playroom is a perfect solution.
Rooms without carpets make great playrooms as well. Kids will always spill food, drinks and paint on the floor. Carpeted rooms can easily get ruined from simple childhood playtimes. Rooms that have hardwoods or more resilient flooring are ideal to convert to playrooms where natural accidents can be easily cleaned up.

Media Room

Guest room areas and formal living rooms can both do double duty with Murphy Beds. Reclaiming these spaces and changing up their day time purposes can give you a media room that is the perfect space for entertaining. A Murphy bed when folded up is virtually impossible to notice. Basements and attics can become multi-purpose rooms.  Guests can still be comfortable – and impressed – when your modern library and media center folds out to provide them a comfy nights sleep.

The Dual Purpose Office

Recently started telecommuting or running a business but find yourself operating from the couch or kitchen? Consider building a custom area that doubles as your office. We have many design ideas and experience creating office area equipment that is built into furniture that doubles your usable space.
Bedrooms can double as an office with Murphy beds and allow you to reclaim floor space so you can move around. Look at the area you are considering and imagine what you could do if you took the bed out. We are used to bedrooms that not only take up the obvious floor space for the bed but most of the area around it in order to get in and out of bed. Even bedrooms that seem tiny with a queen size bed in them can be functional offices when all that space for the bed is fit into a sleek wall frame with custom cabinetry and desk.

Kids Rooms

Sometimes our families grow faster than our homes. Instead of moving, consider Murphy bed options that can make the most of a bedroom. Kid’s rooms can be converted into a playroom, or double up with bunk beds to sleep 2 children in one room. Murphy beds can be hidden behind closet doors or as oversized dressers. We detail the reasons why Murphy beds are perfect for kids in an earlier blog post.
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