Expanding Your Family Without Expanding Your House: Murphy Beds for Growing Families


If you’ve already got your dream home and are looking to add to your family in the near future, your mind is likely filled with dreams of baby clothes and children’s toys—and, of course, new bedroom furniture. Do you go for the convertible crib-bed scenario that your daughter will undoubtedly outgrow before you can blink? When are you supposed to shell out for a full-sized bed, if you’re still trying to fit a crib into the nursery? Wall beds provide the perfect solution for growing families who are in between furniture stages in their lives.

When shopping for kids’ furniture, salespeople tend to argue that your kid will grow up quickly anyway, so the time to purchase a big bed is now. That’s a sound argument, assuming your nursery has the floor space for both a big bed and a crib. When the crib suddenly becomes too small, you have a slim margin of time to hurriedly purchase something bigger and do a hasty transition with your toddler. With wall beds, you can be prepared and have all the floor space you need all at the same time.

With a big kid bed (or two) tucked away until you need them, your nursery itself becomes a convertible bedroom. No longer do you have to shift kids from one side of the house to the other as they outgrow the official “nursery.” Instead, you can leave them in their own rooms and still be ready for their next stage of life. These full-size vertical-tilt wall beds (that come in various sizes from twin to queen) remain beautifully encased within custom cabinetry in your choice of finish and hardware, so they actually add to the style of your child’s room.

When you no longer need the crib (and have the free floor space), simply use the counterbalanced design to easily and safely open your wall bed with the touch of a finger. This is the perfect solution for a child’s bedroom, because a parent will usually always be around to open and close the bed when necessary until the kids are tall enough to accomplish the task themselves. These beds are so easy to use, even a child’s strength can open and close them—with an adult’s handy boost, of course.

One great thing about the wall bed design is its incorporation of various innovative features that can be used at any time, open or closed. You can incorporate an infinite variance of drawer, shelf, and cabinet combinations to achieve any storage purpose you have in mind. Need a shelf for American Girl dolls? Easy. Want to store reminders of your kids’ sporting wins? Done.

Using a wall bed with a bench seat gives extra storage to a kid’s bedroom. So often, kids’ rooms were always lined with toy boxes, and most of us never imagine another solution. Why not build one into the furniture? A bench seat acts as the perfect toy storage location, and also serves as a handy spot for reading stories together, sitting down to help lace up sneakers, and enjoying a brief rest together after playing.

It’s equally as important to have hideaway places in a kid’s room for clothes—dirty or clean. Adding a hamper drawer to your cabinetry hides the laundry basket away and leaves more room in the closet for storing sports gear, dance costumes, or dress up clothes.

In truth, pretty much every standalone item you have in your child’s bedroom can be combined into one custom cabinetry design. Free up floor space for train tracks, spinning contests, and just plain rolling around, and your kids will love being in their bedrooms. All the clutter stays out of sight (and organized) until you need it.

With the addition of wall beds to your transitional nursery, you no longer need to worry about scrambling to find a big kid bed when the time comes. Our expert staff will manufacture and install your custom wallbed design to ensure that you get the perfect piece that you expect. Your kids will love having their bedroom floor to play on, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re ready for their next life transition.

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