Why Murphy Beds are Perfect for Kids 

Giving your children a safe space to dream big and play is what we all try to do. As they grow, their needs change and our options for available rooms change as well. Murphy beds are great for kids! You could be buying a home that is perfect – except for the small room for your child. Finding that you have another child on the way and need to find room for a nursery.

Design for a Child’s Personality

Maybe you just want to make the absolute most of your kid’s childhood and are looking at designs that are personal expressions of who they are growing up to be. Murphy Beds are perfect for kids because they can be custom built and let a bedroom become more than just a bedroom.

Encourage Routines and Habits

There are many different styles and custom designing to your needs is exactly what we do. Do you find that your kids are never making their bed, or leaving toys out everywhere? Do you wish they had more floor space to play in their bedrooms?

Custom Murphy beds are easy to make for children. Keep the surface clean and smooth it out, and it will fold right up and fit properly. This also encourages them to do a daily cleaning exercise to clear the area when the bed comes down at night. Keeping these routines can build habits and give extremely clear signals for the children to learn when it is time to play and when it is time to sleep.

Greater Storage Space and Organizational Options

The Murphy bed can also double as storage and organizational space for children. They can use it to keep their things in, and it is much more accessible than just stuffing something under a traditional bed. There are so many options and ways to incorporate the framing and side piers that give you access to whatever they need. Design options can include USB ports, power outlets, shelving, and anything from wardrobes to shoe racks.

During the day, activities and play space are enlarged while the bed is put away and depending on your creativity, the raised bed can be part of room scenery. You can blend it in together with wall murals, creating a castle drawbridge, a rocket ship ready to blast off – the limits are only your imagination.

They also make a great alternative to bunk beds if you have multiple kids and limited rooms. We also have flip-up desks if your children are becoming older and need a space to study and do their homework. We really can build just about anything to your custom needs.

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