Why Murphy Beds are Perfect for Home Offices

In homes that cannot fit both a guest room and a home office, it is important to think about how to best use the spare room. Are you more likely to be hosting guests throughout the year? Or do you need a more productive space to get work done from home? If you’re caught in the middle of these two possibilities, your answer is simple: install a Murphy bed!

We often see this conundrum with clients: they need a space for guests, yet they don’t want to sacrifice their home office, playroom or fitness room for it. Luckily, there’s a solution – Murphy beds. Murphy beds transform your home office into a multipurpose room, so that at the end of the day, both you and your guests are happy.

At WallbedsUSA, we have a huge selection of murphy bed styles and that means that you have a lot of choices. Although there is no one favorite style, one of the most versatile and popular styles are our desk bed murphy bed style.

If you work from you, you’ve probably had to turn one of the bedrooms in your house into your home office and specialized work space. For homes that have 4 or 5 or even more bedrooms, this may not feel like you are giving up a bedroom, however, in 3 bedroom or fewer homes, or in studio apartments or town homes, this loss of a bedroom is huge.

This is where the desk bed is the ideal solution. What excites so many people is that the desk on our Murphy desk beds always stays level, meaning that you can keep your computer and paper work on the desk and still lower the bed for a guest to stay.  The desk itself is a regular-sized desk and can work as a full desk space.

If you need more desk space, you can even add a side desk with cabinets to ensure you have the storage space and table space for your work, all in a compact and well-designed space-saving solution.

All Murphy beds are designed to integrate with your current design aesthetic so that they seamlessly integrate into your space. Get started today on your design by contacting the WallbedsUSA team!

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