Why a Murphy Bed is Perfect for a Minimalist Home 

Minimalist decorating is an exercise in making the least do the most. Minimalist architecture’s goal is to implement design elements that convey simplicity and use basic geometric forms without decoration to lend a sense of order and essential quality to a structure. Murphy Beds are an excellent choice for embracing a minimalist lifestyle or integrating into a minimalist design plan. Less clutter and less visual stress lead to a calmer, more appealing environment.

A guiding principle is having only what you need and removing the rest. A multifunctional Murphy bed delivers on this principle by removing the aspect of itself you don’t need when it is not in use. It encourages productivity by reclaiming spaces that are traditionally 100 percent devoted to “just a bed”. Or “just an office” – or “just a guest room”. And with our custom designs, we can bring your vision into reality.

Minimalist homes are less stressful. Clutter is a distraction, and when everything has an ordered place the mind is freed for other pursuits. We don’t naturally intend to fill our lives with things we don’t need. But during remodels and building our visions of a future, we can take an active role in being mindful of the things we have. Do we need this? Does this bring value to my life? Do I use it?

There is a difference between a scarcity mindset and an abundance mindset. In a scarcity mindset, we collect things because we “may use them one day” and do not want to be without it when the time comes.

An abundance mindset believes that you can get it when you need it. This frees you to devote your time and resources to things that you immediately will use and need consistently. Knowing that if you do not need it regularly, you have the resources to acquire it when the need arises. It values quality and function above having things simply because you may need it one day.

Murphy beds also embody this principle in allowing you to make the absolute most of your resources, your space, and your time.

They are a “Buy it For Life” choice.

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