A Murphy Bed in a Tiny Home

You’ve probably heard of a tiny home by now. Those small homes on wheels have become increasingly popular over the years, including during the pandemic. So exactly how big are tiny homes? They usually range from between 225 square feet to 600 square feet (with the latter being on the larger size), according to a recent survey by Porch.com.

Are you considering moving into a tiny home, or just downsizing in general? There are so many reasons why transitioning to a smaller space can be really great for your quality of life, including:

Your mortgage payments or rent payments are reduced

There are lower utility fees and maintenance costs

You’re more likely to purchase fewer objects since you have limited space for them

Those extra food and snack purchases that are so common throughout the week will be reduced since, again, there’s less storage space

Essentially, your overall spending becomes more intentional when you move into a smaller home

The average tiny home cost in the U.S. is approximately $52,000. It’s important to point out that tiny homes don’t always mean inexpensive. Some tiny homes in the U.S. (such as Hawaii) can cost upwards of $149,000, according to the Porch.com survey. Keep in mind that beyond the cost of purchasing a tiny home, another potential expense to consider is where the home will be parked. If you own land already, great! But if not, you’ll need to add in land rental fees or a land purchase to your total cost.

Once you’ve found a tiny home that’s within your budget, what about furniture and sleeping, and storage? Even a larger tiny home still has very limited space. This makes it important to shop wisely for furniture pieces that are functional.

Have you considered putting a Murphy bed in your tiny home? Murphy beds, or wall beds, are known for taking up a limited amount of space while giving you or your guests both a cozy bed to sleep in at night and more sophisticated design option for your home. Wall beds are a modern, minimalistic, fully functional, and sustainable option for your tiny home. Even better, there are many on the market that can be assembled quickly and fit seamlessly into your space. 

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