Multifunction Room Ideas for Rooms with a Murphy Bed

A home is more than just a place to eat and sleep — it’s where we work, where we play, and where our families grow. Our spaces need to be as flexible and as varied as we are.

It seems no matter where we live, we all invariably need more space. Luckily, you don’t have to upsize to get the added utility you need; with smart space-planning and a little creativity, you can pack a ton of function into the tiniest of spaces.

Creating a multi-purpose room may feel like a daunting task at first, but chances are you’re probably already using one — whether your dining room also acts as your home office or your seldom-used guest room doubles as your weight room, most of us already try to squeeze as much function as we can out of our existing spaces. The trouble comes when our homes lack organization and thoughtful design; without the right storage tools and design strategies, we quickly find ourselves feeling trapped in a chaotic, cluttered mess.

Our top tip for creating and maintaining an organized, functional multi-use room is to not dismay – fold it away.

It may seem obvious, but the very first rule of multi-functional design is to utilize multi-functional furnishings: pieces that fold away neatly to free up floor space when they’re not in use, or double-duty pieces that transform into something else entirely.

You probably don’t use that desk sitting in your guest room when the in-laws are over for an extended stay; so why should your work station take up so much valuable space when it’s only put to use a fraction of the time? Instead of using a traditional freestanding desk, why not go with a fold-away desk that disappears into your wall — or better yet, a wall bed with an integrated desk. When the guests are gone, simply close up the bed to reveal your desk, and your home office has appeared in its place.

In fact, multi-functional wall beds come in every variety imaginable. Our wallbeds disappear into your wall, multiplying the size of any given space; wall beds with integrated sofas and sectionals, meanwhile, allow your living room or den to double as a guest room; and wall beds with integrated desks or dining tables provide needed table surfaces where they couldn’t otherwise fit. Because wall beds are specifically designed to create a multiplicity of use in any space they also feature a ton of built-in storage options. Many of our sofa wall beds feature a hidden under-seat storage area for keeping extra bedding, shoes, winter coats, and other pesky items that always seem to take up too much space.

There are even wall bunk beds, which can be true life-savers in shared kids’ rooms. Of course, these bunk options are also available with integrated sofas and desks — so the kids can fit their bed, their hangout space, and their homework desk all in one small room. Give us a call, and we can begin planning the multifunctional space of your dreams!

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