Practical Benefits of a Murphy Bed

Decorative throw pillows and scented candles are stylish home accents, but when it comes to long-term investment pieces, practicality is a leading factor to consider. If you have ever wanted to maximize your floor plan by reclaiming space in a spare guest room, a Murphy bed is a design lover’s solution.

The fold-up wall bed has come leaps and bounds since its invention in the early 1900s. Today’s Murphy beds are credited as practical space-savers. They also integrate seamlessly into spaces without sacrificing style.

Whether you live in a small 900-square-foot apartment or a house, a Murphy bed offers many more advantages than a traditional bedroom set. Here’s Here are some of the practical pros and cons of owning a hide-a-away Murphy bed that will maximize your space.

Not only does a wall allow spare rooms to perform multiple functions, the piece itself is dual-use. Many of today’s Murphy bed options are equipped with pull-out desks and cabinetry. It is a two-for-one, cost and space-saving investment.

Some wallbeds offer fold-down headboards as well as sturdy shelving on the front that’s perfect for displaying trinkets or extra storage. Other models are outfitted with all the bells and whistles, such as LED lighting, USB ports, and even leather sofas.

One of the most significant differences between old school Murphy bed and modern models is the quality. Murphy beds sometimes have a reputation for being flimsy, but today’s versions can be very durable and last for generations. Some are made with all wood construction, making them more likely to last through the repeated lifting and lowering movement.

Of course, there are cheaper particleboard options on the market that might be a better fit for a temporary living situation, such as a college dorm or your starter basement apartment. Overall, the modern models made from quality materials are real investment pieces designed to last for years.

People in the market for a Murphy bed often question if it’s going to be comfortable. Though the units are unique, the truth is that virtually any mattress can be used in a Murphy bed. No box spring is required.

The majority of Murphy beds can accommodate mattresses up to 12-inches thick. Memory foam mattresses are not recommended because they’re too heavy to lift. If you are not familiar with mattresses in terms of thickness, they are easy to find, and it’s likely you already have one since standard thickness ranges from 9 to 12 inches.

If you love to entertain or invite loved ones to stay for holidays, Murphy beds are great for creating ideal sleeping spaces in unexpected places. Some creative homeowners maximize space by using multiple wall beds to improvise sleeping quarters when needed.  Because Murphy bed models come in various sizes and orientations, they can easily be tucked away in a finished basement or family room.

Murphy beds are among the most practical and stylish pieces of furniture available. Murphy beds are a design lover’s space-saving solution, whether it’s to maximize space in a small apartment or transform underused spaces into multifunctional rooms.


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