Benefits of Owning a Murphy Folding Bed

Murphy folding Bed
A Murphy folding bed is both practical and chic in today’s fashion of functional and space efficiency trends. They leave you with more room to play and use on the other activities that you truly enjoy.
They are fantastic for studio apartments or a guest bed. You can reclaim the space a typical bed takes up for all your active waking hours with the benefits of a Murphy bed. 
The ability to hide away, repurpose and create space are fundamental, tangible perks. These designs allow you to make the absolute most out the square footage of your living areas. 

Refined Folding Bed Designs

Today’s line of Murphy folding beds is more diverse than ever. Many feature wall-mounting systems. These systems do a little alteration to walls and make it easy to relocate if desired. In general, Murphy beds use straps to hold bedding in place, allowing you to fold them up when they aren’t in use.  
There are lines of folding beds that double as Library shelving, elegantly blending with your decor and completely changing the function of a spare guest roomSpring-balanced mechanisms allow a single person to be able to raise and lower the bed, which can be up to queen size.
Bi-fold Murphy beds are done in the form of a stylish cabinet. The bi-fold doors concealing the bed fold down to sizes ranging from twin, full to queen-size to give a great nights sleep.
There are also flip-up desk designs. These are perfect for home offices or bedrooms. The flip-up desk is on the underside of the mattress, which can be used any time the bed is stored against a wall.
Many wall beds fold up into armoire-like furniture pieces. Vertically folding double- and queen-sized beds can also convert into fully functioning desks, display shelves, storage units and more
Most Murphy beds do not require a special mattress. The standard of an 11” thickness usually means that some of today’s plush, pillow top mattresses will not work. Rather, a standard “old school” style mattress is what works best. Any brand is fine, even a memory foam mattress works well, as long as it is less than 11” thick.  

Space Savings

Micro-condos, studio apartments, and tiny houses all demand a premium when it comes to how efficiently you use the space you have. A space-saving wall bed unit combines function with form, and are a natural answer to how to save space. 
Most home plans neglect to make use of the vertical space on walls, so consider your floor plans when designing your interiors. Wall beds take up very little room and will not be in the way when you are not using them.
Putting them to use is as simple as pulling them down, thanks to the counter-balanced spring mechanisms

 They are a natural answer for people who work remotely and telecommute, as they allow their bed space to double as a workspace. 


Custom Designs

We can work with you to professionally design your living space. We help you with implementing your vision and crafting your personal space exactly the way you desireWhether it is intended to turn a recreational room, guest bedroom, craft room, home office or other room into a more functional space, our knowledge of Murphy folding bed models can make it happen
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