Installing a Murphy Bed in a Home with a Child in College

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Summer is here and before you know it, the reality of school will be coming back to all of us. The biggest change is for those families sending their children to college for the first time, or those college students that have decided to find more permanent housing their second, third or fourth year of college and may not even return as frequently. This leaves many a parent’s house open, as empty nesters, or presents a great opportunity to make the home even more functional!

Order a Murphy Bed Now to Arrive Before Holiday Breaks

Now is the perfect time to be shopping for and purchasing a Murphy Bed for your home. Ordering in the summer will allow the bed to be manufactured, delivered, and installed well before the Thanksgiving holidays and the return of those college students.

Why Add a Murphy Bed in Your College Student’s Childhood Bedroom

Going off to college is your child’s first step to independence and becoming an adult. Each year they will stay longer and longer at their new life in the town their college is in and eventually they may transition there completely.

Maximizing the space of the room while your college student is out of town allows you to take back the room for specific needs that you may require, while also maintaining a place for them to sleep and have as their own when they return.

Empty Nester House Ideas

With the flexibility of a Murphy Bed, you can turn any room into a storage room, craft room, fitness room, home office, spare office, or guest bedroom. The ability to have a full Queen sized bed is invaluable for guests, especially a comfortable mattress and bed. When not in use, it can be folded away for the extra space to be used throughout the day.

Now is the Time to Shop for Your Dream Murphy Bed

If you’ve ever thought about a Murphy Bed in your home, now is the perfect time to visit WallbedsUSA to learn more. Even if you aren’t ready to purchase yet, or if your student is still a few years off from heading to college, we can help you plan and strategize. Visit us and imagine what your home could be like with an extra room …for only the price of a Murphy Bed.


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