A Murphy Bed in a Nursery?


In a pre-baby world, when making time for a haircut was no big deal and you could plan an impromptu weekend trip and be out the door minutes later, maybe the room you now call the nursery used to be a guest bedroom. This can mean that once the room becomes a nursery, you’ve lost your guest room… but maybe it doesn’t have to.

One of the most difficult things about new parenthood can be the sleep deprivation. In attempts to maximize sleep in the postpartum weeks, people try every possible nighttime configuration (crib in parent room, baby in parent bed, one parent on sofa, baby in bouncer chair, whole family on the floor).

A bed in the nursery may be the solution to keep from going completely insane from sleep deprivation after the baby is born. We cannot emphasize enough how useful it is to have a bed in the nursery. When your baby has a rough night, one parent may choose to sleep in that bed so that the other can get a better night of sleep. When the baby is a newborn, it gives families a comfortable place with lots of pillows for midnight feedings. If guests visit, you have the freedom to put your baby in a pack and play and use the nursery as an extra guest bedroom.

You may say, “this sounds great, but the room is only big enough to be a nursery or a guest room, not really both.” This is where a Murphy bed can come to the rescue! Your beautiful and stylish Murphy bed can be hidden inside an attractive piece of furniture and folded away when not in use for sleeping. As your child grows, you can still keep the extra floor space he or she will want to have for playing with toys. When family and friends come to visit, you have a comfortable and convenient sleeping arrangement, without sacrificing an entire room.

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