Amazing Things Your Bedroom Can Do Now That You Have a Murphy Bed

We get it. It happens all the time: now that you have invested in a Murphy Bed, your bedroom sure is looking a lot roomier. The floor space that used to be all bed all the time, is now wide open and full of possibilities. There are so many options for your extra space, from a place you can take up your hobby to a home office. Let’s explore a few of these options here.

Create a Study Corner

If you work from home, or you have children, you can really benefit from converting your extra space into a study corner. It’s a great way to make sure you can focus on the task at hand.

Make It an Organized and Peaceful Home Office

If you tend to work from home relatively often, you might want to use your extra square footage as a home office. You can then focus on your work without distractions, and everything you need is in one place. Decorate the room in colors that you like so you’ll feel comfortable and inspired there.

Transform It Into a Music Recording Space

Do you play an instrument or love to play around creating different beats? Maybe you’ve always wanted to start your own podcast. Why not transform your open corner into an at home recording studio or a music room?

You can start small, by putting in your instrument or whatever gear you need for your project. With time, you can put more money into the project and start sound-proofing the walls and getting higher-quality equipment.

Use It as an Old-Fashioned Dressing Room

If you’re a fashionista, you may want to use this newly open area as an old-fashioned dressing room. Think vanity, shoe and accessories organizers, and tons of mirrors. You can also add in a vintage screen to get changed behind.

Create a Dedicated Kids Play Space

For those with kids, you might want to think about using extra space in a kid’s room especially as a play area. You can really keep all their toys organized, and create a big space with room for them to play and be active in.

Think about getting a large area rug so it’s more comfortable to sit directly on the floor. Be sure to stock the room with plenty of arts and crafts supplies for a rainy day.

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