Ways a Murphy Bed can Help You Start a Hobby

The new year always means re-evaluating the time (or lack of) you leave for new pursuits and finding ways to give yourself the time to try something new. Choosing side projects and self-care activities can be tricky while maintaining a work-life balance, being present for events and other people, and keeping up with daily chores and tasks.

It also doesn’t help when there’s a lack of room to begin a new hobby, whether space for the necessary supplies or simply the area to participate in an activity.

Murphy Beds are the perfect solution if you want to start a new hobby without compromising on space or disorganization. With these beds’ ability to be tucked away, which makes way for activities throughout the day, and their many storage solutions, there are plenty of ways to jump-start a newfound passion, thanks to a Murphy Bed.

Develop Your Artistic Side

Although many at-home artists have the luxury of a designated art room to store easels, art supplies, and canvases, not every aspiring DaVinci is fortunate enough to have a spare room. This alone can be a massive factor in people dropping or never pursuing an art hobby, like painting, sketching, or sculpting.

As a multi-functional piece of furniture, Murphy Beds can operate as a sleeping unit and an office area, thanks to the desk attachment that comes with select ones. This presents at-home artists with a space to work without having to worry about not having an entire room dedicated to their hobby.

And while the problem with art supplies is that they tend to be a little messy — both in their usage and sheer quantities of supplies — this can quickly be resolved thanks to the many storage solutions that Murphy Beds provide.

One About Music

Looking for an area where you can learn, practice, and record music in the comfort of your own home? Maybe you don’t need to dedicate a new room to it after all. With the help of a Murphy bed, your current bedroom can be your music room.

Plan ahead to create ample storage for your instruments, books, music decor, and more! Durable music room furniture and proper shelving can support your beloved equipment and help keep your room organized and looking sharp.

Add room dividers to easily create separation in your in-home music room. Whether you want to create a flex room with multiple uses or divide the space by acoustic and electric zones, dense room dividers will help you buffer the sound and get some separation.

One About Gardening

More and more plant lovers are interested in creating an indoor garden. This is especially great because of the benefits indoor plants have for our health, but on the design side, an indoor garden area packs a powerful punch.

Plants don’t just have to be laid out in garden areas or as patio plants – any environment can benefit from the vibrancy and health benefits of plants. No matter what the environment, plants and plant holders can be styled to suit the aesthetic of your space.

So, why not fill your shelves with succulents, string foliage from your ceilings, line your windows with herbs, or grow an actual tree indoors? With the double duty a Murphy bed brings, you can sleep in your garden every night.

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