Transform Your Spare Bedroom

If you are considering buying a Murphy bed for a spare bedroom, you will have a lot more space to work with once it is installed. So instead of letting that spare bedroom stand practically empty all year round, we’ve put together some more exciting uses for it. You might have a go at redesigning the space and transforming it into a unique creative area that you and your partner can enjoy.

Let’s go over some fun ideas to help you convert your spare bedroom into a usable, personalized space that will enhance your home.

Grow an Indoor Garden
If you have a green thumb (or want to develop one) and your spare bedroom gets plenty of natural light, why not turn it into a relaxing indoor garden? You can grow flowers, herbs, vegetables, fruit, and a diverse range of other plants. What’s more, you can go for eye-catching, colorful arrangements of plants and pots, and transform the space further with wall gardens. Finally, put in an armchair and unwind amid the soothing greenery.

Create an Arts and Crafts Room
Unleashing your inner artist can be incredibly fulfilling, and you can make a habit of it if you have your own dedicated art space. Apart from honing your existing skills, you can also pick up new talents. You can write, draw, paint, make pottery, knit, crochet, sew, or anything else you desire.

Set Up a Music Room
Whether you play a musical instrument or enjoy listening to music, you will probably love having a music room of your own. It can hold your musical instruments, stands, speakers, sheet music, and other music-related things. You can also practice your music daily and play your favorite songs at top volume here. (Of course, if you live in a heavily populated area, do the neighborhood a favor and soundproof your music room first.)

Start a Library
Nurture your intellectual side with books, books, and more books. You can never have enough books, but for the ones you do have, get bookcases that will suit the room. We create Murphy beds with bookshelves that will suit this purpose. Arrange your books in these bookcases according to author, genre, or spine color. You are finally set to sink into a comfortable couch, sip a cup of tea or coffee, and embark on a literary journey of discovery.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. With enough ingenuity, you can transform your spare bedroom into anything you like!

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