The Best Amenities for Short-Term Rentals

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With so many temporary rental apartments out there, competition is about to get even more fierce. To keep the reservations flowing, you need to have your rental apartments differentiate themselves in a tough and saturated market. One of the best and most guest-appreciated ways of doing this is by offering the exceptional amenities. These amenities can range from essential to luxurious and will definitely boost your ratings. Here are a few:

24-hour check-in
Nobody loves limitations when traveling — especially the constraints of when you should and should not check-in to a property. Your property should have a 24-hour check-in system so that guests can arrive at any time. This doesn’t mean that you have to be available 24 hours a day to avoid inconveniencing them. Just set up an automated check-in system that is convenient for both of you.

Full kitchen
Polls of travelers consistently confirm that the main reason why they rent a vacation property is that they are able to cook their own food. You should take advantage of this situation and provide your rental houses with enough cookware. If you are not able to provide a full kitchen, you can use a kitchenette with features that are most convenient to your guest (stoves, microwaves, kettle, and a good coffee machine.)

Outdoor space
Whether it’s earning you rent or not, a place to get fresh air is essential. Terraces and balconies enable your guests to have an outside environment where they can sit and enjoy the sun, read a newspaper, or even have a barbecue. If your focus customers are mostly families, you should have enough space where they can gather around and enjoy a communal setting.

More room
We know our customers are sorting by square footage to get the most space for their buck, and why wouldn’t they? One way to keep them happy is to use the space that you do have really well. Consider installing at least one Murphy bed to provide additional bedding in a home office or open area. Even better, add a Murphy bed to an existing bedroom, and allow guests to fold it away and soak in the open spaces when the time for sleep is done.

Everyone loves unwinding poolside on a warm day and if you enjoy it yourself, there is no reason not to have one in your property. Installing a pool will add a significant value to your property so if you can keep up with the maintenance cost, you should definitely consider investing in one.

This is one of the most popular amenities sought after by a lot of guests. Many people own a pet and not being able to accommodate their small family member will mean the loss of potential clients. Take this opportunity and open your rentals to pets. You can include a little fee to cover the extra cleaning costs.

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