Wallbeds in Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing is a type of short-term rental designed with business travelers in mind. It fills that gap between the vacationer who might want a rental for a week or two and a long-term renter willing to sign a one-year (or longer) lease. Typically, the business traveler might have to spend several months in a location and corporate housing provides a turnkey “home away from home” living space that is ideal for a months-long stay.

A corporate apartment provides all the comforts of a standard apartment, like a full kitchen and separate living spaces. A corporate apartment is typically larger than a standard hotel room, which averages 325 square feet. In addition to standard apartments, corporate housing could be a single-family house, a townhome, or a condo. 

When designing a corporate housing space, why not consider featuring a wallbed, or Murphy bed? While a corporate apartment is bigger than a typical hotel room, maximizing space is key to comfort for those living there. A wallbed folds away when not in use and allows travelers to regain the space dedicated to a traditional bed. Wallbeds can allow for the dual purpose of a room, providing a bedroom space that also serves as an office or workout area.

A variety of apartment communities, especially those in large cities, may provide corporate units in addition to standard apartments. This gives the corporate apartment renter access to all the amenities the long-term residents enjoy, including things like on-site fitness centers, clubhouses, business centers, swimming pools, and outdoor grilling areas.

Hotels and other vacation rentals are typically rented by the night or the week. A corporate apartment is usually rented for a month or two. But unlike a standard apartment, corporate housing usually has a few of the perks typically found in hotels and vacation rentals, such as an all-inclusive rental rate that includes utilities and internet.

While corporate housing is designed with business travelers in mind and is often paid for by the company or employer, the benefits of being able to rent for a couple of months is appealing to anyone who doesn’t plan on being in a location long-term. For example, a college intern might consider corporate housing if they are only going to be at their internship for a couple of months. Those moving to a new area might want a couple of months in a short-term rental to explore the area before committing to a year-long lease. Those who find themselves temporarily misplaced due to a natural disaster or a fire might also need temporary housing for a few months, until they are able to return to their apartment.

Because they’re designed for people who will actually live in the units – as opposed to vacation spaces, where the occupants are expected to be out exploring most of the time – corporate housing offers a “homey” atmosphere that is both inviting and functional. They come fully furnished and include common household items and kitchen goods, like coffee makers, towels, dishes, silverware, glassware, pots and pans, extra linens, toiletries, hairdryers and more. Some even include an in-unit washer and dryer, so guests don’t have to worry about finding a laundromat.

What sets corporate housing apart is its ease and livability. The guest can simply arrive with little more than a suitcase. Once the clothes are unpacked and the kitchen is full, the guest’s new home is ready for them to sit back and relax as though it’s their very own.

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