Murphy Beds in a Barndominium

As you look into building a new home in Texas, you are probably looking for a traditional type of home like the ones you see all around you. But for some people, they are more interested in a tiny home, a container home or a barndominium – a unique style of home that fits their particular lifestyle.

In Texas, a barndominium has traditionally been a barn that has been converted into a living space so it’s easier to check in on your horses and other livestock. More recently, barndominiums come in steel home kits you can buy to build yourself or hire someone to build for you and have been taking the place of the traditional home.

If you want a home that is less maintenance and more durable, or maybe even something that can be used as a temporary home while you build your permanent residence, then a barndominium may be right for you!

It’s a great option if you are not building in a subdivision, which often has restrictive building requirements.

Some of the benefits of a barndominium are that they are built to last, they are better-equipped to deal with water damage from floods, and they are fire resistant. They are also much more likely to resist high winds from storms than traditional builds and are unappealing to termites, so you will never have to worry about termite control. Overall, these may mean less time and cost on maintenance.

Many people love them because of their convenience: a barndominium can be built as a shell and finished out over time. They require only one contractor to supply and build versus a supplier and framing crew. Even better, they are eco-friendly because they require no chemical treatments for the preservation of the frame and are often built with recycled steel.

The problem is that they may have a much more open floor plan, and even perhaps be smaller overall than a traditional build. What this means for you is less space for bedrooms. The solution to this issue may be to install murphy beds! If you have limited space, a murphy bed can let you free up some space during the day or while the bed is not being used. Also, since murphy beds are only folded out when used, they can create the illusion of a larger and brighter bedroom.

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