Adding Sleeping Capacity to a Timeshare

Owning a vacation home is a wonderful investment opportunity, but how can you get the most value from your space? Sleep the maximum amount of guests possible in each room. No matter if you’re trying to get the entire family together in a mountain cabin or if you are redesigning a seaside rental to optimize sleeping space, the process is pretty much the same. Plan, measure and design your rooms for multiple heads in beds.

When designing spaces for visitors, be it family or vacationers, consider the “real life use” – how will you and your guests actually use these rooms? Are you trying to accommodate adults mostly or is your property family-friendly? If the latter, how can you make family living more convenient and comfortable? What are your options for sleeping large groups in two, three or four bedroom properties? Are there trending Airbnb furniture and decor ideas?

Versatile furniture solutions are important to accommodate kids, tweens, teens, college students and even adults; especially if everyone is staying in one home.

The most effective way to free up more space and add more storage is to dramatically rethink the number one space taker-uppers in your home, the beds. They’re soft and they’re cushy and the best place to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon, but they’re space killers—plain and simple. They often take up an entire room and, because of this, we end up using bedrooms for little more sleep.

How do you turn bed-space into a 2-for-1 combination of extra living space and extra storage space?

Consider installing a Murphy bed or two, depending on your needs. Murphy beds let you turn otherwise unusable daytime space into valuable everyday square footage in your home. They also offer varying degrees of added built-in storage, so you can empty out those overflowing suitcases.

A Murphy bed installed in a child’s room, for instance, turns the entire space into a wide-open play area once the bed is folded up and out of the way. In mom and dad’s room, fold up the bed and voila—you’ve got plenty of room for that vacation yoga session.

If you’re in this position now—or expect to be in this position in the next few years—start by reconsidering the space you have. How can you make it work for each of your family members? How many kids do you have now? How many do you plan to have within the next few years?

A few savvy choices can make your timeshare ready for deep relaxation, while also being an opportunity to flex your creative interior design muscles!

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