Guest Room Essentials

Planning the perfect visit for your friends and family can sometimes seem overwhelming. With this list of guest room essentials, you will find out what every guest needs.

Moreover, your company will enjoy their stay, and they won’t have to feel like they are asking you to bring them this and that while they are over. Nonetheless, they will have everything they need with these guest room amenities right there for them to use. This post is all about guest room essentials.

Message Board with Wifi Password

A message board in the room is a great way to put down different information your guests may need to know. In fact, most guests will need to know the wifi password. With this board, you will easily be able to keep your wifi password posted no matter when you have company.

Charging Station

For a tech-savvy upgrade from a typical charger, put one of these charging pads on each side of the bed. Nonetheless, your guests will love that they can charge their phones easily during their stay.

Bottled Water

No matter what season it is, traveling can be dehydrating. With water in the room, they will surely be able to stay hydrated.


With a mirror in the room, your guests will quickly be able to get ready without having to stand in the bathroom to do so.


Additionally, by placing a box of tissues on each nightstand, your guests will appreciate that they won’t have to run into the bathroom time and time again during their visit.


With a bedside lamp, your guests will feel right at home. They won’t have to rely on the room light, which is always so bright.

Sound Machine and/or Fan

So if you already have a ceiling fan, then this may help your guests alleviate noise levels in their room. Depending on what they are used to, sleeping with a sound machine is a great idea to drown out the background noise. For instance, you may not want your guests to wake to your 1-year-old screaming in the crib.

Hair Dryer

For light packers, this is such a nice thing to have on hand for your guests. I always appreciate it if someone has a dryer for me too. It is just one less thing to pack, so it will definitely be appreciated.

Waste Basket

For all of those odds and ends, it is so nice to have a waste basket in the room. Plus, one with a lid is ideal.

Luggage Rack

Also, having a luggage rack or at least a piece of furniture to put a suitcase on is really helpful. Your guests will definitely like not having to bend over or sit on the floor to get to their items.

Towels, Hand Towels, and Washcloths

Having these towels ready to go and easily accessible will allow your guests to get in and out of the shower without searching for the essentials. 

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