Is a Murphy Bed Good for Live-in In-laws?

This is actually a common question that we get. A Murphy bed, or wall bed is an excellent option for families with live-in in-laws, grandparents, aunts, uncles, adult children going to college, or really any family who needs an extra bed!
Perhaps you have a dedicated bedroom that feels like wasted space most of the time. By installing a wall bed, you can create an attractive, comfortable place for your family member to sleep without wasting any square footage. Consider the benefits of adding this custom solution to your home.
In most homes, floor space is at a premium while a majority of the wall remains unused. Wall beds take advantage of the vertical space by folding up during the day. This way, the bed doesn’t take up valuable floor space when you need more room for daytime activities. At the same time, it’s easy to push things aside and lower the bed at night.
When you don’t have much room to spare, it may not be feasible to have a queen bed take up most of the room. You could settle with a small twin bed – or you could conserve space and enjoy a much larger mattress by installing a wall bed. Your in-laws will appreciate it!
Murphy all beds come in different sizes and have various folding mechanisms. For example, you can have a single, double, queen or king-sized Murphy bed installed in your bedroom. This piece of furniture can be custom-made and come as an individual unit or together with a cabinet.
Some people think that because this is a bed that folds against a wall, it’s not built for comfort. This could not be further from the truth. Murphy beds are designed with comfortable mattresses that allow users to enjoy a sound sleep during the day or night. The simple fact that this is a wall bed doesn’t make it less cozy than other types of beds.
And don’t worry about your older relatives struggling to open and close their bed each day. Today’s wall beds have a counterbalancing design that allows you to operate them using a single hand. That’s why they’re so popular because they can be easily folded or pulled down by people of all ages.
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