Are Murphy Beds Safe?

Space saving designs are all the rage in interior decorating today thanks to the rise of multiuse rooms, multigenerational living, telecommuting, and even the small home trend. So you may have seen living spaces that include a murphy bed, and thought, “what a great idea!” It is a great idea, but is it safe?

This is a very old question, and it definitely used to be an important one. The first generation of Murphy beds had a variety of early problems, from sometimes not being as comfortable as traditional beds, to serious safety concerns. New designs and improvements have made modern Murphy beds much, much safer than their predecessors. The days of Charlie Chaplin fighting with, being swallowed by, and finally demolishing the murderous Murphy bed are long gone. A professionally made and installed Murphy bed, or wall bed, is a safe and attractive addition to your home. All you need to do is keep some basic tips in mind!

All Murphy or wall bed systems contain powerful lifting components. To ensure safety, as well as to save you time and frustration, we recommend scheduling professionals to come out and do the install.

Wall beds rely on balance and tension to remain open or closed. To make sure it closes properly, you will want to avoid over-stuffing it with extra pillows and large, fluffy blankets. While most wall beds can accommodate any mattress up to 13”, that doesn’t necessarily mean that every piece of your bedding will fit too. Too much stuffing can push against the wall when you try to fold the bed up, preventing it from closing all the way. Keeping the bed off balance like this can cause the bed to fold down under its own weight. So for safety, make sure to remove bulky bedding and store it elsewhere (a companion bookcase with doors would be the perfect storage place for bedding) when the bed is folded up.

Finally, a lock is especially important with little ones running around. Little kids are full of determination and ingenuity, so they will find a way to get those little fingers around the handle eventually. Ensure their safety and your peace of mind with a locking mechanism.

Follow all this advice, and you are on your way to years of carefree enjoyment of your Murphy bed’s efficient and modern design.

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