3 Pieces of Furniture You Can Get Rid of After You Buy a Murphy Bed

If you are furnishing a guest bedroom or even a small apartment, Murphy beds, also called wall beds, are an ideal space-saving solution. These unique beds can be folded up—usually vertically against the wall—so they are completely out of the way when not in use, and while there are plenty of options out there for DIY Murphy beds, there are also lots of pre-built and fully custom models as well.

Wall beds can help you live bigger in a small space. With wall beds, queen beds can instantly transform into library shelving, a desk, sofa, or sectional, but it is important to find a bed that exhibits quality, beauty, comfort, and attention to detail.

As you compare various wall beds, you’ll want to look at factors such as their size—both while folded up and folded down—as well as the overall design and any additional features. Some wall beds come with integrated shelving, desks, tables, or even sofas, and while these designs offer increased functionality, they are typically priced a little higher, too.

However, a significant portion of that cost can actually be offset when you realize that you have a new opportunity to get rid of your old, now redundant, furniture pieces.

Adding any Murphy Bed allows you to part ways with your old traditional bed, while saying goodbye to its outsized footprint in your room. This gives you the flexibility of selling your old bed frame, head board, and footboard, or donating it to a local charity.

If you opt to add a wall bed that includes a built-in desk as part of its design, then you have found yet another large piece of furniture that has now become redundant. With the recent increase in people working from home, you are sure to find a grateful buyer for your old desk. Try listing it online, and watch your neighbors snap it up.

Even one of your largest pieces of existing furniture, bookcases, can be incorporated into your new custom wall bed from Wallbeds USA. Imagine being able to keep your “to read” pile right by your bed, while streamlining and minimizing the amount of furniture you actually need.

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