Advantages of Hand Built Furniture, Instead of Mass-Produced Furniture 

Hand built furniture is absolutely beautiful and always a step above in craftsmanship. If you need something just today and can find a spot it fits in, IKEA and ready-made mass-produced furniture will work. But if you really want something that stands out, that can match your personality and style and that will last for years and years, custom built furniture is a great choice. Unique, artful, and the perfect size – that is the difference with hand-built furniture.

Commissioning Custom Pieces

If you are working with a hand built artisan together, then you can take your size requirements to them. Have a clear plan laid out, or give them general size constraints. You can work together on design mocks ups and use design books and websites for ideas. Many times the artisan will have the best input and be able to tell you about different pros and cons of potential designs.
If you have a design already in mind, take your design to different builders to get an idea of what price will be standard. Hand built furniture will always come at a premium due to the labor and design-intensive building steps.
Bring pictures of design elements from your home that you want to integrate into the design if you are looking to tie the piece into your general decor. This level of customization is unique to hand built furniture.

Form and Function

Trying to match store bought designs with your space constraints AND adding extra functionality is going to be tricky at best. Do you want to add bookshelves or storage drawers? Good luck finding options that include something they weren’t explicitly designed as. Hand built furniture can incorporate tailored space constraints and also enhance storage capabilities. Feature lighting and gentle ambiance tied into your furniture? It is unlikely you will find that perfect mix at the box store.

Quality Materials

Hand built furniture can use many materials that are both exotic and special. The combination of quality materials and their ability to take on intricate designs gives you an instant advantage over laminate or mass produced color schemes. Style, size, materials used – it’s all up to you. There is also the option to select reclaimed or sustainably sourced construction materials. If you have already budgeted for high-end store-bought furniture, you may be happily surprised to find some custom made pieces can be comparable in cost.
Wood furniture is built to last and can be with your family for generations. The personal touch of a custom piece gives it that unique, one of a kind quality that leaves impressions and memories in young minds. All of our furniture is custom-made by hand! We can even build your new furniture to your specs!
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