Spring Cleaning Tips to Maximize Space

Now that Spring is here, Spring cleaning is on everyone’s mind. Steaming tile floors and dusting the bookshelves is important, but if you really want to make a lasting impact, improve your stress levels, and maximize the space inside your home, try a spring decluttering!

Start Simply

Before diving into the toughest part of the decluttering process (getting rid of belongings), you should first do the easiest part: throw away the trash. Yes, trash includes emptying the kitchen waste bin and tossing last night’s pizza box, but it also includes magazines you’ve never read, empty shoe boxes, and old chargers for obsolete electronics. These are all just trash that you’ve never thrown away. Your goal here should be to fill at least one trash bag to the brim. To declutter your home, first start by decluttering the things you don’t even want.

Know Your Limit

It is exciting but resist the urge to set aside a single day to organize your entire home. It’s hard work that takes focus. You’ll likely become frustrated and less efficient as the day progresses. It’s much better to spend a few hours on one project or space. Think of it as a decluttering week or month instead.

Hold Off On The Shopping Spree

Don’t rush out to buy storage pieces and supplies before you sort through your home. All the beautiful bins, boxes and baskets become clutter themselves unless they fit the space they’ll sit in, hold what you need them to hold, and function properly in the space. First, tidy the space, and the containers that you truly need will become obvious. You may even find the perfect box or basket hidden in your home that you forgot you even had!

Identify Multiples

How many promotional coffee mugs do you have? How about wooden rolling pins? There is no reason for you to have three can openers and four hair dryers. Over the years, these things tend to accumulate, and that’s okay. Don’t feel bad about it at all. Donate them to someone else who needs them.

Just Do It!

Once you have decided where something is going to go, take it there. Never keep bags for charity or boxes for friends in your home to deliver later. Put it in your car and do it now. It will feel amazing.

Your space should be a place that brings you comfort and peace. Surround yourself only with the things that you need.

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