All About Decluttering Your Home

Part of owning a Murphy bed is valuing the space you have and making the most of it. We all find ourselves holding onto things that we no longer use or need and hold onto “just in case”. Often, this leads to clutter and can really eat up the useful room you have to work with.
Spring cleaning is a step to get your clutter under control. Decluttering is a liberating experience and lets you take back your calm and really make the best of your living areas.

Any Start Is a Good Start

Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part. There are basic tricks you can use to help to get past the feeling of being overwhelmed. Don’t expect yourself to finish completely at first. You may very well find that once you get going, you are done sooner than you expected. Give yourself five minutes and pick one spot to work on. Set a goal and follow through with it, momentum is key so make your goal manageable. Consider starting in the worst room and tackling part of it.
You may find that once part of the task is done, the rest doesn’t feel as formidable.

Empty the Space

Take every single thing in the area you are decluttering and move it out. As you are removing them, sort them into piles or just collect them all together. Do what you can to arrange like items together, it will make it easier to sort when we get to the next step.

Sort Piles, Vision Piles

Look at the empty space you have created and think of how you would like to best use it. Now go back to the pile you have created and consider separating the items into ones that “fit this vision” and those that do not.
You can go around your home and gather things from other areas and build a selection of things that you want in this area, and it may help to begin decluttering other parts of your home.
The items that no longer compliment your idea of how best to use the space you have created remain together.

Donate or Trash

Another step you can take is to get a trash bag and make a pass over as large an area as you want. Things that are trash are cleared out as quickly as you can.
Now grab yourself another bag or a box and make another pass of things you do not want to throw away but feel would be best to donate. What you are left with are things you value but do not feel comfortable getting rid of quite yet, but also do not fit your vision of the living space you are creating.

Memory Clutter

We find ourselves holding on to sentimental items, things that don’t really belong anywhere but remind us of something or someone we value. Choosing what to do with them can be challenging and we are naturally reluctant to let them go. Consider making a special space for them, or boxing them together. Let your imagination come up with ways to keep the memories but remove the things.
Paperwork should be sorted and filed. Family albums should find a home with other pictures and mementos of travels.

Go Vertical

Think about how to bring things off the floor. You could incorporate shelving and other organizing furniture into your vision for an area. Use the perspective of reclaimed space that you have gained from owning a Murphy bed and set out to design something both functional and stylish.
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