Parents Getting Older? A Murphy Bed is Perfect for Them


As your parents grow older and have less and less mobility, you want to offer them more of your time and assistance so they can stay as independent as possible and be close to family. Creating a mother-in-law suite, also called an in-law suite or granny flat, may be the best option where they can have their own private place inside your home, yet still be able to easily socialize with everyone. Garage conversions are becoming one way to create another living space without performing major renovation construction.

Giving Parents Their Own Space

Garages can easily be built out for aging parents and are usually the perfect size. Since they are one level, aging parents won’t have to worry about climbing stairs to reach bedroom areas. Also, with an attached garage, they still have access to your home’s amenities so they can cook meals in the kitchen or use the laundry machine.

The first step when turning a garage into a mother-in-law suite is to reinforce the walls to make the space more soundproof and stable. Then you will have to add insulation, run electrical wiring for outlets, place plumbing if there will be a separate bathroom and kitchen, and lay down flooring for increased comfort. All of these upgrades will make the space more hospitable and may even increase your home’s value.

Adding Storage for Additional Comfort

Creating the right amount of storage will make your parents feel comfortable in the suite without having to pull out their clothing from storage boxes and containers. We offer great design tips and organization solutions to optimize a space. Consider linen closets and wardrobes that are open for aging parents who have mobility issues or memory problems. They will be able to see the items they desire in an easier manner without needing footstools to reach them.

Wall Beds for More Space

Your parents may want to have company over for a visit. Unfortunately, regular beds can take up a lot of space in a single open room. To free up more walking room in the mother-in-law suite, consider installing a wall bed. A custom wall bed, also called a Murphy bed, can be added to a room without renovating the walls. Plus, they’re very easy and safe to use. These systems can come with additional cabinets and shelving for extra storage.

Adding a mother-in-law suite to your home for your aging parents can be a wonderful way to have your family close by. With the innovative solutions offered by Wallbeds USA, your parents will have all the space they need during their golden years. Give us a call today for more design ideas!


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