How To Shop for a Murphy Wallbed #4: Horizontal or Vertical Wallbeds? Wall or Floor Mounts?

Vertical Wall Beds versus Horizontal Wall Beds

The Murphy Wall Bed is a simple bed system that maximizes room space by combining a bed with a wall storage system, desk, cabinet or shelving system. This 2-in-1 room configuration is ideal when you need both a bed and functioning room. Since a wallbed uses a bed balancing mechanism, everything stays in place – and even stays plugged in, or artwork remains hanging in place – as the bed pivots down over it. It can be used as an extra bed in an existing bedroom because it stores vertically against the wall, occupies minimal space and is stored behind an attractive façade.

Custom built Murphy Wall Bed furniture is the ideal choice for having a guest bedroom double as a multi purpose room. The space in the room, the wall space and the ceiling height usually dictates how the Wallbed is oriented. A Vertical Wall Bed is where your mattress lies perpendicular to the wall. A Horizontal Wall Bed is where your mattress lies parallel to the wall. See our diagram which shows the difference.

Vertical WallBed

This is the traditional Murphy Wallbed and it is the most common because it is for rooms that can fit a bed on the wall from floor to ceiling. This requires ceilings that are high enough to fit a fully upright bed, the standard 8’ height of walls.  The wall bed is stored vertically, and lowered into the room so that the length of the bed is perpendicular to the wall. The Murphy Wallbed pulls down from the wall vertically when opened and quickly folds back up vertically. It blends well into adjacent cabinetry, like bookcases.

Horizontal Wall Bed

A horizontal Wallbed lowers and raises the mattress on its side so there is extra floor space. Extra furniture may be added to the room since the footprint of this Murphy bed is much smaller than the vertical Murphy bed. This is for rooms with a lower ceiling height, or soffits and windows in the way such as basements, lofts and attics. They are better suited for rooms with lower ceilings and narrower rooms; and because it is wider, it works best in lower height storage units, such as desks or nightstands.

Different Wall Types

If the walls in your room are made of sheet rock, concrete or bricks, there may be additional installation. WallbedsUSA can give you a solution.

There are two ways to install a Murphy bed once you have decided on a horizontal or vertical orientation.

Wall Mount

A Murphy Wallbed using a piston mechanism is usually mounted to the wall, at the top of the bed only. For secure installation, the wall bed should sit flush against the wall, usually two people are required for assembly with all the provided hardware but only takes about an hour. Locate three studs in the wall and then attach the bed’s back panel to those studs using a drill. This provides a stable foundation for your bed. Wall mounts are not a permanent fixture in your home, they can be easily moved and cause little damage to the walls.

Floor Mount

A Murphy Wallbed using a spring mechanism is usually mounted by drilling into the floor so that it is a permanent mount fixture. Once installed, a floor mount is difficult to move once installed especially if carpeting had to be cut away.

The “False Floor” or “Floor Saver” Option

A “false floor” option is where the bed is attached to a specifically cut piece of wood, which is attached to the wall or baseboards. Or the “floor saver” option is to mount to the baseboard of your wall, and to wall studs about 12″ off the floor.  These 2 options are ideal for those:

  1. Homeowners who want to preserve the appearance of their flooring
  2. The floor is made of CDX, strand board, OSB, wafer board, or is less than 3/4 inch thick plywood
  3. There is non-conventional heating/cooling in your floor (such as radiant heat)
  4. Your landlord will not allow you to mount anything to the floor

A Murphy wallbed is a bed that is stored vertically or horizontally in order to save space and is lowered from its vertical (or horizontal) position when in use, and is lifted back into the vertical (or horizontal) position in one easy movement.  You can add a cabinet, built in lighting, drop-down desk, book storage, display artwork, display knick knacks, extra shelving and a storage headboard for spacious storage for pillows and extra bedding. There are different mounts possible depending on your floor plan and if you want it mounted permanently to the floor or wall.

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