The Benefits of Solid Wood

The beauty, strength and character of solid wood attracts homeowners to choose wood for their new furniture and cabinetry over other available materials. However, solid wood cabinets are not perfect. They expand and contract when there are environmental changes in heat and humidity. Cabinets, doors, drawers and/or paneling made from solid wood can shrink, crack or buckle. The key to using the material is to understand how best to keep it in top condition, and in which areas it is best used. When taken care of properly, solid wood furniture pieces will continue to look beautiful, and be functional and beloved for generations.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of using solid natural wood for furniture building (including Murphy beds).

Advantages of Solid Wood

Strength and durability. Solid wood is strong and durable and will last for decades. 

Beauty. In terms of appearance, while good alternatives to wood do exist and have their place, solid wood is still unmatched for its allure. It has an attractive grain that results in great looking furniture. If looks are a major priority for you, solid wood is your correct choice.

Customization. Pieces can be customized in shape, finish, and color by craftspeople. This allows you to have control over the design that you are looking for.

Value. When considering ROI when selling your home, solid wood built-in furniture will increase the value.

Variety. There are many types of wood, each differing in strength, cost and look. There is a type of wood out there for any project that you can dream up.

Disadvantages of Solid Wood

However, solid wood is not perfect.

Moisture damage. Most solid woods are susceptible to water and moisture damage, especially when they are unfinished. Since we finish our pieces with sealants that keep out moisture, this is not really an issue.

Warping and Cracking. Solid woods expand and contract with changes in temperature and humidity. This characteristic makes them a less attractive choice in rooms with tons of moisture, such as bathrooms or kitchens, but in a living or bedroom area, this is not a problem.

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