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Wall Beds USA – Come see how the professionals do it!

Great for any room in the house, our wall beds come with easy glide hydraulic cylinder mechanism for the smoothest operation in the industry.


Design Your Own

Space Efficiency

Organize and maximize any area in any room with a wall bed, for stress-free everyday living.


A wide array of wall bed styles, finishes, features and options for a unique design you can call your own.


Open up any space without sacrificing comfort with your custom wall bed.


Our wallbeds are built to last by our experienced craftsmen, with hydraulic lifts for smooth and easy operation.


Advanced hydraulic systems ensure your wallbed’s operation is safe, quiet and convenient.

Superior Warranty

A remarkable warranty so you can sleep at night on your custom murphy bed!

Wall Beds USA is a leader in the wall bed and murphy bed industry. We are not only known for our quality and craftsmanship, but for providing top-notch customer service to each and every customer as well. Our wallbeds are hand-crafted by skilled workers using only the finest solid hardwood and top-quality furniture-grade plywood available. In addition, we offer more wood selections, wall and murphy bed styles, cabinet selections, and custom options than any other brand.

  • Experience and Dedication
  • Ease of Installation
  • Custom Design
  • Comfort Guarantee

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