William Lawrence Murphy is said to have lived in a one room apartment in 1900. He wanted to entertain a lovely opera singer but since the morality of the time frowned upon a woman entering a man’s bedroom outside of marriage, he improvised. Thanks to Murphy’s skills and improvements on fold up beds, we now have customizable “Murphy” beds that are sleek and space saving. Here is why you should buy one from Wallbeds USA.


This is our eighth blog in our series to more fully understand a Murphy Wallbed manufacturer's return and repair policies, warranty and their Customer Service policies.

Wallbeds USA provides you with valuable information when it comes to researching and considering your choices before you buy your Murphy Wall Bed. A valuable and attractive piece of furniture is worth your while to do as much due diligence as possible.

WallBedsUSA helps you to understand the benefits and differences to the two main types of Murphy Wall Bed Mechanisms. This is a critical part of our discussions educating you on the important options when it comes to designing your custom Murphy Wallbed. In this article, we discuss the differences between a Spring and Piston Mechanism. Since the mechanism is the most important part of the construction of a Murphy Wallbed, its mechanism determines the structure.

Murphy Wall Beds Construction 

A very important component of your custom Murphy Wall Bed is the wood used in construction. The Murphy wallbed can typically made up of four types of wood materials: Particle Board, MDF Board, Ply Wood, and Solid Wood. Let’s consider each type of wood material to better understand the structure of your custom Murphy Wall Bed and what factors to consider in the types of wood construction.

Vertical Wall Beds versus Horizontal Wall Beds

The Murphy Wall Bed is a simple bed system that maximizes room space by combining a bed with a wall storage system, desk, cabinet or shelving system. This 2-in-1 room configuration is ideal when you need both a bed and functioning room. Since a wallbed uses a bed balancing mechanism, everything stays in place – and even stays plugged in, or artwork remains hanging in place – as the bed pivots down over it. The Murphy wallbed can be used as an extra bed in an existing bedroom because it stores vertically against the wall, occupies minimal space and is stored behind an attractive façade.